Tino was born in Germany in 1973. He began sketching when he was only 6 years old. He later
moved on to airbrush, painting with oil, acrylic, and metal sculptures.
He has been a professional artist for about 12 years now. Tino is the kind of person who loves to
travel to different places where he gets his ideas throughout his journeys. He met his wife in
For now he is temporarily living in China with his wife and her family before they move back to
Germany to live for good. Tino is exploring new techniques in painting while in China.
Tino paints in Germany with his friend Edward Bosch (they had formed an artist group
together) and they both have a gallery together. He now has international collectors from the
US, United Kingdom, France, Australia, and other foreign countries.
"Harbor Promenade"
"My reminiscence from New York"
"Ice Roses"
"Contemporary Poppies"

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