Peggy Garr is a full time professional artist from Philadelphia. She has been painting for
thirty years now. “My styles include abstract, cubism, surrealism, impressionism, pop art,
and anything that moves me when my brush is in my hand! I am a very versatile artist; my
work is ever-changing. I never know what the completion of one of my paintings is going to
look like until it is completed,” Peggy says.
Her father was an incredible self-taught artist. He was a great influence in her life. When
Peggy was in fourth grade, she was asked to create a giant mural for the wall of her school.
Years after being married and having two children, she started in the business of silk
screening and sign making. She then went on to designing, marketing, and advertising for
Harley Davidson. She now feels very fortunate to be able to pursue her passion in life. She
believes, “…that we all try to find ourselves in this life knowing that there is a purpose.” She
feels that her divine purpose is to bring joy to peoples’ lives.
Peggy’s artwork is now published in the “Galiart Collections” Catalog in France. She has a
strong following of collectors from around the globe. She recently signed a contract with a
publishing company in France, where selected pieces of her works are being published
worldwide into fine art prints and laminates. Peggy is also a juried member of EBSQ, which
is an online association where members represent their own work.
"Flowers Bouquet "

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