"Hello Insomnia"
Born in 1975 in Manila, Philippines but raised and still residing in British Columbia, Canada since 1977,
Leanne Laine was brought up and raised in a very traditional home with traditional upbringing with
expectations to become something “more practical”. Art however, was her passion for as long as she can
remember, doing it on her own time was her way of escaping from the pressures of making the “right”
decisions for herself-not realizing that the right decision was at the end of her paintbrush the whole time.
Upon losing a job in the corporate world, Leanne, disheartened by the devastation, turned to the one
thing that never let her down and in her first year of selling her original pieces, she sold over 400 that are
now presented in public and private collections all over the world. It took her a while to see what destiny
was trying to say, but now she has realized, so much better for the benefit of art lovers. Leanne is as
general an artist as you can get. She has delved into many arenas of self expression, for example when she
was 10 Leanne performed solo and organ pieces in competitions where she won music achievement
awards. Around 12, she received a Fine Art Award that lead to her first exhibition in a local public
library. By 14, she has received the highest achievement award in Fine Arts, and was also selected to
teach and choreograph hip hop for a new school curriculum while volunteering as a teacher in her
neighborhood community center. At 15 she received a Fine Art achievement as well as a theatre and
achievement award for a supporting acting role in a theater production at the Vancouver East Cultural
Centre. From 16 to 21 she found her way into singing and wound up doing studio work in Vancouver and
L.A., she vocally performed at local and private corporate functions and city clubs and also had the
opportunity to open for a Montel Jordan, CeCe Peniston and S.W.V. as a vocalist in an all female group
called Mosaic.

Leanne’s art is an expression of celebration of traditional subjects with a free-spirited and rebellious
twist. She works with the concept of color more so than the subject matter itself. Her subjects vary from
still life wines, cocktails, floral potteries, landscapes, seascapes and abstract figures. Her combination of
bold and neutral colors in play with rough acrylic strokes, providing plenty of texture to the touch gives
the sense of depth in a striking composition and urban appeal most suitable for the modern art enthusiast
and contemporary space.
"Hazy Mon-Daze"

Joseph Thomas Galleries