Vincente Gino Savarino was born in Argentina in 1969. In 1978 they moved from Argentina to Chicago in
search for an even better life. When he was eight, they settled in Chicago’s brickyard neighborhood, to this
day he and his younger sister speak to their parents in Spanish and their parents answer them in Italian.
“It’s the same sob story that you hear from everyone else,” Savarino said. “My parents worked for
minimum wage and had to leave us at home alone while they worked, though they called us five times a day
to make sure we were okay.” Savarino discovered Abstract painting while studying the graphic arts at
Triton Community College in River Grove, though he did really well he did not feel he would be able to live
with the money an abstract artist makes, so for the next few years he tried his luck as a factory worker,
pizza maker, clothing store clerk, and landscaper, eventually he started a wedding DJ business which he
ran for 11 years. But always coming home late and tired left him no time with his 11 year old daughter and
8 year old son. “I got burnt out,” he says.

He enrolled in formal art classes for two years at Triton College for the Arts. He now paints out of his studio
in his Elk Grove Village home, in the last year and a half he has sold over 400 paintings, his custom works
range from $400-$1,000. Gino likes to use paper, gels, plaster and caulk to create texture in his pieces. These
days, Savarino paints to his heart’s content, influenced by such artists as Miro, Dali, Picasso, and Pollock.
“I’m not trying to recreate the recognizable,” he says, “…what I like to think is that I am expressing
everything on canvas through color, through shape, through composition.”
His paintings are privately collected worldwide, and are currently in galleries in Chicago, Atlanta, Canada,
and New York. The Childs Dreyfus Design Group uses his large pieces for multi-million dollar model homes.
He has been married for 12 years with a son and daughter.
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