There were three most recognized Art Expo attendees of 2006, of the three, Anna
Razumovskaya stood out with her old-fashioned yet contemporary technique. She wowed the
jury with her charisma, presence, and talent, and was accepted with open arms by the rest of
the art community. To be in a large arena with thousands of other artists, known as the best in
the world, to stand out as one of the top three, is truly an accomplishment. She has already, so
early in her career, established herself as an artist with a free soul yet intense aspiration. Only
very recently graduated into the art world, Anna received her degree in 1991 from the Russian
State University for the Arts and graduated with the pedigree of “High Class Artist”. From
there, she went on to study in Germany, Belgium, and Holland from 1992-1995. Her travels
infused her work with different senses of emotion and color, she studied techniques ranging
from the smooth blending of the old masters to the bright divided brushstrokes of the
impressionists while tricking the eye with bright expressionistic color; From blending the oil
directly on the canvas to stroking on the pure color and letting the viewers’ eyes blend it for
her. Anna, though a young artist as artists go, has defined herself many times over as a force to
be reckoned with. Already, she has personal exhibits in Minnesota, Toronto, Amsterdam,
Antwerp, and Berlin. Her private collections are in the USA, Canada, France, Austria,
Holland, and Australia. Her many media are watercolor, oil, silk, and acrylic. Well-versed in
techniques and genres, Anna is poised to take on the art world by storm. She currently lives
and works in Toronto, Canada.

Joseph Thomas Gallery